Charlotte Observer | 06/02/2006 | Accessories addicts soon to lose favored Myers 

Charlotte Observer | 06/02/2006 | Accessories addicts soon to lose favored Myers

Beaver's shop at 607 Providence Road has offered fine and funky jewelry. evening wraps and other divine accessories.
Beaver also had a rep for showcasing local talent. She often worked with local designers such as Dan Haga. Kym Motley and Merissa Jones.
"You reach a time in your life when you want more freedom." she said Thursday. She had just finished saying goodbye to a customer of 15 years. "You can't run a business like this. and not be here a lot. People like to see the owner. see the pieces you've bought and know why you chose them."
The quest for more freedom isn't new. Beaver hired Linda Martinez as Montanna's manager more than three years ago. Martinez took on a lot of the responsibility of working with customers and vendors. "That left me with the very boring book work. parking had become a major source of frustration. she says. In recent years. the small shopping center. which everyone calls the Manor Theater Shops. has shifted to fewer retailers and more restaurants.
Montanna customers liked to bring in outfits so they could pick out the perfect accessories. "They like to park in the front and not have to schlep clothes in the car when they park around the corner or out back." she says.
Beaver isn't totally out of the retail biz. When she was looking at her options of closing. she had heard that the owners of Sloan boutique were looking to add more accessories.
For Courtney Sloan. it's a good fit. "When a woman buys a dress or outfit. they would always say. `Now I need earrings or a necklace.' " Sloan says. "We sent so many people over to Carol and Montanna that it made sense. ... Now. you can complete the outfit with shoes and jewelry.
Beaver's current inventory -- and she has lots of new stuff from a May buying trip with Courtney Sloan -- moves to the Dilworth boutique June 15. Montanna is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
By the way. if you haven't been by Sloan or Step by Sloan recently. you should check out their roomy new digs at the Shops at Twin Oaks shopping center. 1419 East Blvd.
Neiman Marcus announced the charities that will benefit from its exclusive opening gala Sept. 14 at the SouthPark mall store. Those splitting the proceeds are the Charlotte Symphony. Levine Children's Hospital. Opera Carolina and the Speedway Children's Charities.
Bella Tunno. the Charlotte-based baby and children's accessory line by Michelle Buelow. was scheduled to showcase its bibs and pacifier holders Thursday and today at the MTV Style Lounge. the celebrity gifting suite associated with the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. The awards will be taped Saturday and air at 9 p.m. Thursday. (MTV is Channel 43 on Time Warner Cable/Charlotte.) Buelow's products were featured at a Golden Globes gift lounge in January.
Everyday Essentials. a natural skincare boutique in NoDa. has added the Jane Carter Solution line for dry hair. It's been featured in magazines such as InStyle. Essence and the now-defunct Suede. Everyday Essentials is at 3464 N. Davidson St.; (704) 334-4245; everydayessentialsnoda. For more on Jane Carter Solution: janecartersolution; (877) 424-7227.
Hyperbaric oxygen facials are available in Charlotte. despite what an April 21 article about the popular treatment stated. The O2 Intraceuticals facials favored by Madonna were the focus of the New York Times piece. The Hunstad Center in the University City area offers the Bio 2 hyperbaric oxygen facial treatment that's infused with Vitamin E and other good stuff. "It's good for sunburn and acne." says Marti DeCoste. medical aesthetician and spa leader. Cost varies. More info: hunstadcenter; (704) 549-0500.
Stores on my "check it out soon" list: Rouge: A Makeup Studio in the Cotswold area. 4401 Colwick Tower. a plus-sized lingerie store. at Carolina Place mall. Pineville. The store is an offshoot of Lane Bryant. The name is pronounced "ka-SEEK. 739 Providence Road. It's a new consignment option for designer goods in the Myers Park area.

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