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a US-based skincare line dedicated to solving skin problems through natural ingredients. is one of those brands that have silently and steadily penetrated the market until. almost everyone's using it. There has been no high-impact marketing to help propel its renown. People who have tried one or several of its 200-plus products would simply tell about a 'miracle story' or two to their friends. like how their zits were zapped overnight by its Drying Lotion.
As one of the first few able to try some of its unguents when they were introduced to the country exactly a year ago. I am a big fan. My favorite Badescu product is the Hydrating Serum. a moisturizer that feels light on the skin'leaving no icky. Mario Badescu has developed two new ones that will be the boon of the acne-prone: the Acne Facial Cleanser and the Anti-Acne Serum. Simon Abadi. Mario Badescu vice president who recently dropped by to the country. said they were motivated to develop these products because acne. is a grave concern among its customers.
Explaining the products. Abadi described the Acne Facial Cleanser as containing 'salicylic acid that removes the dead skin build-up that causes acne. but at the same time. we manage to incorporate some ingredients that don't strip the skin as a lot of acne cleansers do.'
The Anti-Acne Serum. is 'for areas that (the customers) find to be eruptive. Over the course of time. they would see a much clearer. better skin.' The serum is also meant to be a preventive a measure. 'If you experience breakout on the chin area for example. you can apply it there and lessen (the incidence of breakout).'
One of the attractions of Mario Badescu is that they are simple to apply'no long literature you have to read just to use its products right. Even their bottles'clear and with clean simple. lines'look simple. This brand of simplicity seems to be working well for the company started by a Romanian immigrant to the States'yes. the chemist guy after which the company was named'who was tinkering with plants in a basement in Brooklyn.
'One of the main strenghts of our line is that our products are very simple in terms of their ingredients and their compositions.' Abadi elaborated. 'They are a part of what we believe in. Simple. natural products will work best for the customers in the long run.'
Abadi clarified that a well-observed skincare regimen will spell the difference between a glowing and 'just okay' skin. 'Consistency is extremely important. just like in exercise.' he said. 'You can't exercise one day and expect results a month later. You have to do it on a regular basis. the same thing you do for your skin regimen.'
For Mario Badescu. cleansing/toning and moisturizing are the most important steps in the regimen. Right now. I'm using Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleanser (a rich. non-foaming wash) and the Seaweed Toner (a refreshing. no-alcohol solution). 'It's also important to exfoliate. at least two times a week. is the basis of beauty. which is the main and sole concern of the company. Mario Badescu is not about to expand to cosmetics. Said Abadi. 'We are only born with one skin. That's all we have. You want the skin to look natural. You don't want to look fake. We don't believe in a lot of makeup.'
The Philippines is one of the only two Asian countries where Mario Badescu is present (the other one is Hong Kong). Abadi is very optimistic about the market. 'We are looking to grow the scope of the brand. Make awareness a lit bit more as far customers are concerned. Again. the products are affordable enough that most people would be able to purchase them.'
That's what Naomi Campbell. after a Mario Badescu facial. Now. I did sometimes wonder how it would feel to experience the facial care and pampering at a Mario Badescu salon located only in New York. You see. it's where celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker go each time they need a zit popped or maintain their Hollywood- or catwalk-worthy skin. I heard that to get into the waiting list is as cutthroat as getting a job for Vogue!
Abadi said that the salon gives them an idea of the skin problems their customers face. 'We have very good rapport with our customers in the States so they give us a lot of feedback to what they want to see. he said. 'Because of the salon. we see a lot of problems people are encountering so that gives us a lot of information as far as what we need to add to our line that we currently have.'
Recently. I was able to experience the fabled Badescu touch. No. I didn't fly to the Big Apple. a facialist from the MB salon. flew here recently to pamper the biggest fans of the brand and select members of the press. She was garbed in a white robe. curly-haired darling'in fact. a worthy endorser of the Mario Badescu brand. was porcelain.
There's really nothing out-of-the-ordinary with the facial except for the products which. when used in combo. would give you a knock-out skin'looking poreless. luminous and firm. Megan assessed my skin as 'Dry and Combination' to which she prescribed a bevy of products. Aside from the cleanser and toner I'm already using. she also suggested Ceramide Gel when I complained about the dark skin under my eyes. To conclude the routine. I would have to use the Aloe SPF 15 for sun protection. As for my nighttime regimen. she recommended the same cleanse-purify procedure except that I have to apply Hydrating Serum'my favorite!

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